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Vineyard Locations

Pickberry Vineyard

Pickberry is a 30-acre vineyard on the northeast slope of Sonoma Mountain near Glen Ellen, California owned and operated by the Strotz family. The site is a rolling hillside plot on volcanic soil. At Pickberry, they grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Since 1986, consistently award winning wines have been made from this fruit.

Pickberry is exposed to cooling afternoon coastal wind.  While the days can be warm, it is rarely as hot as Sonoma Valley, and nights are usually cool and often foggy. The result is late ripening fruit which benefits from a long growing season with the development of intense flavors and rich, deep colors. The hillside location protects the vineyard from most spring frosts and encourages summer cooling.

The volcanic soil at Pickberry changes dramatically from one location to another in the vineyard. Some blocks have deep red soil, others are shallow grey clay, some are clay loam and one is so full of rocks it is nick-named the ”Rock Garden”. The result is that they have divided the vineyard into a number of small blocks with unique soil types and specific varieties of grapes. The blocks tend to ripen at different times, with harvest often spread out over 6 or 7 weeks.

pickberry vineyard.png

Fichtenberg (Vineyard Station)

Vineyard Station has been farmed by La Prenda Vineyards Management since 1998 and we are now producing a 100% Malbec wine from the site which is extremely unique for the Sonoma Valley. Located in the southwest corner of the Sonoma Coast Appellation, Vineyard Station boasts Huichica clay loam soil and is situated on Sonoma’s East side. The climate is very cold in the Spring and warm to hot in the Summer, bringing the Malbec to full ripeness in early October. Malbec is a rare varietal for Sonoma County, but this site suits it perfectly and the resulting grapes are of the highest quality.


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